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Northern Ireland Murals, Pictures of Belfast Murals

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NORTHERN IRELAND has become somewhat famous for the murals painted in almost every area of the country. These pictures of murals are often flashed around the world on news bulletins or used as a backdrop when interviewing people. They often depict the history and political views of both traditions and are a way of marking territory. These Northern Ireland wall paintings often look intimidating but they have become as much of a tourist attraction as many of the regular attractions within Northern Ireland. The following are Belfast wall paintings and are both Loyalist and Republican in content.

Protestant Loyalist Murals in Belfast
A UFF Mural (Ulster Freedom Fighters) another name for the UDA (Ulster Defence Association)
UFF Mural
ULSTERS PAST DEFENDERS. This mural shows the UDR and the RUC both now renamed
HARLAND & WOLFF. Situated just of the bottom of the Newtownards, this mural shows the belfast connection with the Titanic
Titanic Mural
Past Defenders Mural
The Peoples Army. Showing the history of the UVF
Newtownards Road, UFF Mural in East Belfast
A constant Reminder of what could be, Situated at Fortwilliam in North Belfast
This terrifying image is known as the UVF Shankill Hammer Gang
Catholic, Republican Murals in Belfast
Remembering the potato famine this mural is excellent, located in the New Lodge, North Belfast
Is This An End To The Belfast Murals
Paramilitary murals will be replaced under a government-funded scheme to redecorate Northern Ireland's walls with more welcoming images. 

The proposals have been criticised by some tour guides. Tourists can see a lot of Northern Ireland's history with some of the Belfat Murals they have often been described as a picture book that shows the last 35 years of conflict.

The murals in Belfast is one of the most popular, must see attraction for tourists visiting Northern Ireland. With peace and stability now almost normal in Northern Ireland Peace Line Tours would like to ask the question is it time for the murals to go, or are they just a harmless tourist attraction and a reminder of the past.

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famine mural
One of the many murals in the Ballymurphy area showing armed IRA members
St. James Support the Hunger Strikers on the Falls Road in Belfast
Bobby Sands Mural, he was the first hunger striker to die in the 1981 hunger strike on 5th May 1981 aged 27, after 66 days
ainted in Ardoyne to remember the Holy Cross dispute in which daily protests by Protestants where carried out against Catholics going through Protestant areas on the way to school
Another IRA Mural
IRA Mural

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